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VA Loans for All Veterans

Successful Veterans Can Now Get a Home Loan Big Enough to Buy the House They Deserve

President Trump signed into law the “Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act” on June 25th, 2019. It went it into effect Jan 1, 2020 and part of the act removes the maximum loan size limit on VA Guaranteed Loans for Veterans.

If you are, or were, in the U.S. Military, the Coast Guard, the National Guard, or you are a surviving spouse, then you should be eligible for the Veterans Administration;

  • Below-market interest rate loan with
  • NO MAXIMUM LIMIT and still enjoy
  • Zero Money Down with
  • 100% financing plus
  • NO monthly PMI payments.

If you have sufficient income to make the monthly payments on a bigger loan, you should consider buying a bigger house. Or at least refinance the one you have now. You can use a Cash-Out Refinance to take back some of your cash equity.

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VA History and Benefits

Veterans include Coast Gyard, National Guard, Reserves, and Spouses.

The Veteran’s home loan program began in 1944 as a “Thank You” to service-members returning from World War II. Since then, millions of current and former military personnel have purchased or refinanced homes with no down payment and easier qualifying terms.

Most members of the Military, Veterans, Reservists, Coast Guard, and National Guard are eligible to apply for a VA loan. Spouses of military members who died may also apply.
Veterans who use this mortgage program have 5 advantages that make this the best deal out there.

  1.  No Down Payment. Most loan programs require at least 3% down and as much as 20%. But a VA loan requires no down payment whatsoever.
  2.  No Mortgage Insurance. Most home buyers pay hundreds of dollars per month in mortgage insurance if they make a down payment of less than 20%. Veterans who use a VA home loan do not pay PMI.
  3.  Less-than-Perfect Credit is OK. The non-Veteran home buyer often needs stellar credit to buy a home. This isn’t the case for Veterans.
  4.  Lower Rates. Veteran home loan interest rates are about 0.25% lower than rates for conventional loans.
  5.  Reduced Closing Costs. Veteran home loans come with limits on how much can be charged in loan fees. These loans come with built-in protections for Veterans.

You can use a VA loan to purchase a house or refinance your existing home. If your existing mortgage is not a VA Loan, you can refinance with a VA loan up to 100% of the home's value and get the balance in cash!

Even if you didn't get the loan from us...

You can also (with some restrictions) buy a duplex, triplex, or four-plex with all the same VA advantages listed above!

There are additional eligible beneficiaries and there are some property restrictions. To find out about them and to get pre-Approved, Call Carol:
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Fixer-Upper Loans for When Your Dream Home Needs a Little TLC

VA Rehab Loans for Repairs and Renovations

Fixer-Upper Loans for When Your Dream Home Needs A Little TLC

VA rehab and renovation loans offer service members and veterans a way to purchase fixer-uppers or homes in need of some improvements.

With a VA Renovation loan, borrowers can finance both the purchase price and the necessary repairs - all in one loan!

You can also refinance and repair your current home.

While there are several hurdles a Veteran may have to get through, the loans are exactly the same as traditional VA Mortgages:

  •  No Money Down
  •  Below-Market interest rates
  •  No Monthly PMI Payments
  •  Reduced Fees and Costs
  •  The property must be owner-occupied and your primary residence.

If a VA rehab loan isn't the right fit for what you have in mind, there are other ways to finance the purchase of a fixer-upper or to refinance and repair a home you already own.

VA Energy Efficient Mortgage:

If you want to make specific green updates to your property, an EEM Loan may be a better fit. These mortgages can help you finance solar water heaters, weatherize the home, install programmable thermostats, add storm windows, and other qualified improvements.

Cash-Out Refinance:

A cash-out refinance can allow you to tap your home equity and use that extra cash toward home improvements and repairs. The VA offers cash-out refinances for qualified homeowners.

Specially Adapted Housing Grants:

If you need to make home improvements to accommodate a disability, then the VA's Specially Adapted Housing Grant can help you do it.

These loans can also be used to improve a caretaker's home if necessary.

As always, we are grateful for your help in preserving our freedoms, Thank You!

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