Refinancing Investment Properties at Carol Does

Rental Property Loans

Possible Relief from the COVID Rent Fiasco

Refinancing Income Properties

Refinance your rental property mortgage and even get cash back!

Do you own rental properties?
Has the value of those properties gone up?

Do you have mortgages on those properties?
Are the interest rates higher than current rates?

If you answered Yes, then refinancing your mortgage may be a good idea.

Even as the China Virus has us all messed up, our lenders are still lending!

Refinancing could lower your monthly mortgage payment,
Maybe switch to a longer-term fixed rate,
Or a shorter-term fixed rate to pay off your mortgage faster.

You can even get cash-out if you have enough equity!
Carol Does Loans offers painless, hassle-free, refinance loans for:

  • One property or many properties,
  • Single family or duplex,
  • AirBnB properties,
  • Vacation Homes,
  • Townhomes,
  • Condominiums
  • Triplex and fourplex, too!

We have rates and programs that are as good as owner-occupied home loans.
These are NOT hard-money loans with loan-shark interest rates!

Don’t wait for the government to screw it up even more,

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