Buy when others are scared

COVID-19 Refinancing


With the Corona Virus and the government’s forced shutdown, we have a perfect storm – or more positively – a perfect opportunity! As Warren Buffet famously said many years ago, “The time to sell is when everyone is jubilant. The time to buy is when everyone is scared.”
Can we agree that most people are scared right now?

In the financial world what happened this year is known as a “Black Swan” – a rare and unique event. As a result, the Stock Market has taken a Swan Dive.

In an effort to control, contain, and reverse the mess, our Federal Government has arranged to distribute around $2 Trillion to the American public, businesses, and state governments. You should be getting a check in the next few weeks.
You may even get paid by your employer to stay home.

But if you own that home (or rental property, farm, or other real estate) and it’s worth more than the mortgage you owe – you may be able to get a new loan that includes the equity and get cash back?

Since the Swan Dive has also caused interest rates to fall – to record lows – you can borrow money for under 4% per year.
PLUS, the Veterans Administration has removed the size restrictions on VA loans.
Thus the Perfect Opportunity!

Using simple math, you could refinance your property at a super-low rate, take out some or all the equity in cash, use it to buy your favorite stocks at a serious discount, and simply wait for them to go back up.
Everyone knows the Market will go back up – a lot more than 4%

We are not financial advisors but we are certified mortgage lenders. We just want you to know these are not secrets that only the favored few can do.
You can do it, too!

Ask yourself, will the stock market stay down forever?
Will the value of your property decrease to zero?

What will be the effect of $2 Trillion on the economy? That money has to go somewhere. It’s a pretty safe bet it will probably go into stocks and real estate. Shouldn’t you participate if you can?

Economists have a name for these rare moments; “Opportunity Cost”. What will you not gain by waiting?
A more familiar phrase is “FOMO” – the Fear of Missing Out. That’s what will happen after the favored few have already made their moves.
By then it may be too late.

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