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If getting a mortgage makes you feel uneasy or even scared, we understand. Sharing your personal financial information with strangers can seem intrusive and uncomfortable. Carol Does Loans is like a Painless Dentist - the process is necessary and a little scary at first. But when she's done, you'll be smiling from ear to ear! Read On to see how we can get A Mortgage for You.

Our Vision

Sharing a celebration after you've signed your mortgage closing documents and are enjoying your new home. Cheers!

Our mission

We want you to get the best deal, at the best rate, in the least amount of time. We will work tirelessly to beat other lenders, argue with the regulators, overcome obstacles, and do whatever it takes to get A Mortgage For You - Approved!

When banks say NO, we say YES!

There are many mortgage programs available, but if you're dealing with a single lender, they only have one - their favorite. As a Mortgage Broker, we have access to all the programs from a variety of lenders. Don't risk being told NO! Carol Does Loans will get the right mortgage for you first time every time.

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Steps to Getting Your Mortgage


GET Pre -Approved!

Many (most) mortgage brokers rush to get you pre-Qualified and they advertise in "Only 3 minutes". This is NOT the same as pre- Approved, which takes longer but allows you much more confidence and leverage when shopping and making offers.


Pick Your Real Estate Agent

Do not try to go it alone! You will not save money, you will not save time, and you will probably waste time. Or worse, you might miss out on the home of your dreams... If you don't already have a favorite agent, we can be like E-Harmony and match you with the perfect partner!


Make a list of what features would be deal breakers.

Don't fall in love with the home that has a pool if it doesn't have enough bedrooms, or parking, or the right size kitchen. Know, before you start looking, what your minimum requirements are, and then be patient. You may have to live with your choice for a few years. You want them to be Happy Years!


Make an Offer!

Since you are pre-approved, you know you can afford it. And your offer will be solid because the seller also knows you can afford it. Once your offer is accepted, sit back and let us work our magic. When it's time to sign the docs, we can jump up and down, sing and dance, drink champagne, and you can start packing!

What You Can Expect From Us :

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